Live-Studio-Orchestra guitarist and coach
based in Vienna, Austria.


Lemo, Josh., Conchita Wurst, Mathea, Thorsteinn Einarsson, Ankathie Koi, Max The Sax, Hot Pants Road Club, ROBB, Norbert Schneider, Sylvester Levay, Mark Seibert, Thomas Quasthoff, Myle., Fred Owusu, Iriepathie, Average

ORF Starmania 2022 Live Band, ORF Dancing Stars Orchester 2021, Orchester Vereinigte Bühnen Wien (Ronacher, Raimund Theater), Volkosper Wien,

Upcoming Projects:

Summer 2022 – LEMO, Josh., Mark Seibert, Musical im Steinbruch

Electric & Acoustic Guitars

Fender Stratocaster 1972, Fender Telecaster CS, Gibson ES-335 1968, James Tyler Black Classic HSS, Fender Jazzmaster 1964, Greco P-Bass,

Martin D-18, Gibson J-50 1965, Rozawood 000 Steel String, Furch D-22, J.Hernandez Professor Nylon String, Mandoline


Two Rock Bloomfield Drive 100w, Fender Deluxe Reverb Silverface (1971), Fender Princeton Reverb (1965), Line6 Helix Stomp, Universal Audio OX Amp Top Box,


Logic Pro X, Universal Audio Apollo Twin



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